If you’ve ever had a suit custom tailored, you’ll agree there’s nothing quite like it and it’s good to see that there is a community of well-suited tailors who are committed to every ‘inch’ of detail.

I truly enjoyed reading the following article by As/Is, titled:

25 Suit Hacks That Will Make Any Man Look Instantly Sexy.


I agree to all the hacks written in this article and try to consistently incorporate the same when it comes to my measuring capabilities and techniques. It’s good to have such reminders in order to improve ourselves and deliver outstanding services to our clients.


Enjoy the Read!




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But Before that… A Little Inspiration…

Suits of Steve Harvey

Not only is he one of the Funniest and most respected comedians of all time; he is also a very well dressed Gentleman. Newly Pressed Suit and Shirt, a well tied neck tie, shiny boots with laces tied, and every aspect of his attire is matched before stepping out of the house.  In our opinion, Steve Harvey is a great Role Model to the trending corporate dress code for men.


Matching Suits, Shirts, Neckties & Shoes

It is very easy to select a Suit, slip on a shirt and a necktie and head off to the office.

We ask you this: Do you just want to blend in with the crowd or stand out?  Today we will be talking about the right color combinations to outlook and outsmart your colleagues.   As you all may have already seen and know by now, the most trending combination of Suit styles last year and this year has been Royal Blue Suit, White Shirt, Brown Belt and Brown Shoes.  No doubt this is an excellent look and we thoroughly promote it.

However, we also appreciate and acknowledge one’s preferred Suit color and you will find our top suggestions to match your choice of color:

‘Ask the ladies around if they agree with our suggestions ;)’

  1. Navy Suit
  • White Shirt – Pink Necktie – Black Belt – Black Shoes
  • Pale Pink Shirt – Blue Necktie – Black Belt – Black Shoes
  • Light Blue Shirt – Yellow Necktie – Brown Belt – Brown Shoes
  1. Grey Suit
  • White Shirt – Red Necktie – Black Belt – Black Shoes
  • Light Blue Shirt – Pink Necktie – Black belt – Black Shoes
  • Light Purple Shirt – Deep Purple Necktie – Black Belt – Black Shoes
  1. Black Suit
  • White Shirt – Red Necktie – Black Belt – Black Shoes
  • Black Shirt – Black Necktie – Black Belt – Black Shoes
  • Patterned Grey Shirt – Black Necktie – Black Belt – Black Shoes
  1. Military Green Suit (our new favorite color)
  • White Shirt – Military Green Necktie – Black Belt – Black Shoes
  • Light Beige Shirt – Brown Necktie – Tan belt – Tan shoes
  • Blue Shirt – No necktie – Brown Belt – Brown Shoes




A Note to Steve Harvey: If this blog ever reaches you Sir, we admire your dressing style and look, therefore, Keep up the good work!!

Signing out from Lucky & Oscar!



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