The digital world has given birth to e-commerce and now with the coronavirus pandemic, work-from-home opportunities are growing for employees. Therefore, there is not much requirement of having to suit up as how most would do in a corporate scene. In the past years, some companies incorporate dress down days allowing them to work in casual attire as part of an employee ‘happiness’ strategy. 

I’ve read studies indicating that employees are 60% much more effective and productive if they dress down. Employee engagement and morale is definitely on the rise as being comfortable allows them to think better whilst also boosting creativity. That’s why organizations that depend on employee creativity are only encouraged to wear relaxed clothing. 

However, if you need to go for a business meeting, attend conferences or need to speak publicly in a professional environment, would casual jeans and shirt work? If you are a bank sales person, would you be comfortable to wear casual attire? It really depends on the industry that you are in as well.

According to me, your overall appearance stems from what you wear and sometimes if you want to be taken seriously, in general, it is encouraged to wear formal suits, shirts, jackets and trousers to represent professionalism.

How I see the future is that people will start wearing lesser suits, however, the demand for jackets will still continue to rise to give a formal touch to an informal attire. For example, currently men wear a formal shirt along with jeans and a jacket on top to portray a ‘professional’ look.

I can already see it happening for our business – the demand for bespoke jackets is constantly increasing. It’s a changing world out there, however, in my view, keeping a balance of traditional business clothing along with informal clothing is important.

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