Hi Everyone,

There are several differences and benefits when getting a Bespoke Suit vs an Off the rack suit.  One of the most obvious benefits is the fit; we all know which one would fit better. Another example is customizable options.  With a bespoke suit, you can choose your preferred lining, the style of your jacket and trouser, the color of your buttons, and much more. However, I would like to emphasize more on the lifespan difference between the two kinds of suits.

Lifespan of a Bespoke Suit

The average lifespan of a good bespoke suit should last for 5 – 10 years.  This also depends on the frequency of wear.  The number above is based on a weekly wear.  We also recommend that you should wear a specific Suit once a week and have a rotation of 5 Suits within that week.  Below we will be discussing 3 reasons why the lifespan of a bespoke suit is longer than an Off the rack suit.

  • One of the main reasons that a bespoke suit lasts longer is due to the stitching.  It’s stitched by hand therefore each thread is carefully hemmed.  For an off the rack suit, the clothes are mass produced and almost 100% by machine.  Therefore, there is a big difference in the hours spent as well as the details of the suit.
  • Another big advantage is the materials used in a bespoke suit.  Everything used in your Suit is of the highest quality.  For eg., the horse hair for canvas, the shoulder padding, the lining, etc.  Whereas for an off the rack, materials used are again mass produced.  They may feel good initially but surely may not last as long.
  • Lastly, all Suit owners know that a Suit trouser always wears out quicker than a Suit jacket.  Therefore when getting a bespoke suit, you have the option to add an extra trouser and we highly recommend to do so.  Most off the rack suits will not have this option, therefore if your pants unfortunately rips, you can kiss that Suit goodbye!

That is all the discussion for now.  If you have any thoughts, ideas, or inputs, please feel free to let us know and we’d be happy to incorporate your idea on our blog.

Get Lucky 😉