Hello Everyone!

We’re ready for our next goal of producing UNIFORMS for Corporations!

We here at Lucky & Oscar have been making customized clothing for over 30 years to clients worldwide. Our profile speaks for itself, in addition to several testimonies from all our clients.

We have always been catering towards individuals and we customize their entire clothing based on their choices of fabrics, patterns, colors, styles, shapes and sizes.

A smart business plan for any entity is to always have a goal to move forward and grow. We at Lucky & Oscar are ready to spread our wings to achieve our new goal, which is to cater to multi-national corporations around the globe and produce their uniforms.
Our Specialities:
– Uniformed Shirts along with Company Logo for employees
– Uniformed Suits and Jackets with Company logo, theme, style, color, pattern…etc.

Any corporations out there looking to produce employee uniforms at an affordable rate, please feel free to contact me at ken@luckyandoscar.com at anytime.

Get Lucky!;)