In the 1920s, Pinstripe Suits & Jackets were the hype amongst businessmen, actors, musicians and anyone who was an integral part of a formal event. Although not always worn at the workplace, this type of style is chosen when you want to spin off a classical look from time to time.

Just like how some of us appreciate and value antique objects, there are some individuals who like to keep things classic whilst also incorporating a modern twist to keep a style check. Here are some of our suggestions to keep a classic Pinstripe to be modern & trendy:

  • Remove the tie for a business casual wear;
  • Flaunt a Turtleneck (if the weather permits) along with Pinstripe trousers;
  • Wear casual loafers or some fashionable sneakers for a laid back attire;
  • Accessorize with trending and contrasting buttons, pocket squares, ties, shades and perhaps a hat;
  • Apply color contrast shirts or ties along with Pinstripe trousers or vice versa but be careful not to over-do it;
  • Chuck the Jacket and stick to a Pinstripe vest, plain shirt along with Pinstripe trousers;
  • Although you can never go wrong with a typical black or charcoal grey Pinstripe Suit, don’t be afraid to try out a different color – Teal Green, Purple…etc.

Coming back to the question: Are Pinstripes Still a Thing?

According to me, the answer is ‘Yes; if you want it to be.’ As you can see, there are ways that you can fashionably combine the pattern with various aspects of a Pinstripe Suit to set your own personal brand and trend. That is why we at Lucky & Oscar Tailor still have this pattern available with a variety of colors for our trendsetting customers and so far, it still works!

It’s about you at the end of the day; as long as you feel confident in what you wear, you can pull off anything and ‘nothing gets old’ or ‘old is gold’

Get Lucky;)