Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!

Apologies for being quite MIA (missing in action) for sometime. It was only because we were so engrossed in getting our orders produced and shipped off to our clients at the dock of time; which was just before Christmas.

Just before the end of year, a Customer walked in to my shop in Bangkok and asked me for some advice on fabrics he wanted to pick for his Suit. I showed him 2 different qualities of Suit fabrics since he mentioned he needed the Suit for business purposes. First was the Pure Wool and the other was the Superfine Blend.

He then asked me a question which I thought was a very good question and here I am now sharing this experience with you. He didn’t ask what the difference was, but rather  – ‘How can I tell the difference between the two?” The best and quickest way to quickly test between materials is by burning them.

Below I will explain how each material burns and what to expect.

Pure Wool

First you will notice that the color of the smoke is white in color while burning. The second thing you will notice is smell – a very strong burning hair odor. Lastly, wait until the fire is out for about 15 seconds, then touch the burnt part of the fabric and you should feel no stiffness or hardness in the burnt area. It should feel rather smooth when comparing with the other.

Superfine Blend

First you will notice that the color of the smoke is slightly black in color while burning.  You also will smell a burning hair odor but it should not be as strong as Pure Wool. Lastly; and this is the most effective way to differentiate between the two is to feel the fabric after it’s burnt. You should feel a stiffness at the end. There should be a resemblance of a burnt plastic.

A true Bespoke experience involves knowing and advising Clients on the differences between the fabrics and every little thing that comes with it. I felt great in knowing that the customer left my shop feeling that I knew what I was talking about.

2018 was a very promising year and I hope to further grow our business in 2019 with lots of new fabrics, styles and colors. I also look forward to meeting new faces, interacting with people and continuously learning so much more about this industry.

Get Lucky!;)