Some say, C’est La Vie…. (it’s life)

We take it as an Opportunity….!

Posting reviews on is what the general norm. Good and bad comments are part of the Biz!

Lucky and Oscar back in the days have had a fair share of ups and downs along with that 1 review that came from a dissatisfied customer. It continued to pop up when you search for our business on Google at one point of time.

You may wonder, why would I come out in the open and share this with you? The answer to this is… ‘Honesty!’ Nowadays, so many social media platforms are filled with fancy words ‘bigging’ up brands that it starts to almost feel impersonal.

It takes a huge amount of guts to talk about a sensitive topic like this, however, I would like my customers to know me and be able to have a conversation with me before judging my work in the eyes or experience of others.

I am very proud of where Lucky and Oscar is today and look forward to striving higher along with all our customers!

Our Customers make us successful along with our Services!

Without going into too much detail of the story behind that 1 Review and wasting time on explaining or justifying our business, I would prefer to move on and learn from each experience.

We also have good reviews displaying on TripAdvisor, however, I’d rather you experience Lucky and Oscar by connecting with me. Tell me about yourself through your choices of colors, fabrics, styles, buttons, collar style…etc. Give me the opportunity to serve you with custom-made outfits that define you.

Visit our Store in Bangkok or reach out to us:

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#Getlucky! 😉

— Ken