If there’s one Suit design that you can’t get wrong; it’s the Windowpane Design!

If you go through Lucky and Oscar’s Social Media, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter…etc.; you will notice that the Windowpane concept is trending amongst my customers.

I myself have my very own bespoke Windowpane Suit which I wear to formal meetings and events. It feels GREAT to receive so many compliments as this kind of patterned suit makes you stand out amongst a crowd (that is if you like to stand out;)

So What is a Windowpane Suit?

A Suit that ‘usually’ has thin, white lines running horizontally and vertically and starts looking like tiles or squares on the fabrics. This is a trending pattern that is offered by many custom and bespoke tailors and we can certainly vouch for this concept to be the perfect option for your next suit!

The best part: You can pair up your Windowpane patterned Jacket to suit any other matching trousers in your wardrobe, (provided that there are no patterns/designs on the Trousers;) Vice Versa, you can pair up your Windowpane patterned Trouser to suit any other matching (plain) shirt or Jacket in your wardrobe.

Another Benefit: A Windowpane suit is the perfect option for those men who don’t like to or don’t know how to mix and match their suit with their pocket square, ties, shirts…etc. This is because you’re fully dressed with a Windowpane Suit that you don’t need anything further!
A Windowpane patterned suit appears to visually ‘buff up’ a man who maybe small in size for which a manly look can be pulled off.

So you see, a Windowpane suit is totally worth the investment because you can create several variations with just one kind of suit and this makes the longevity of the suit increase.
Lucky and Oscar offers a variety of fabrics with Pinstripes, Herringbones, Prince of Wales, Modern Multi Checkered patterns along with a selection of color options to nurture the fashion choice of our customers.

But for me, the Windowpane does it! It’s elegant, smart, formal (and can be semi-formal if mix and matched) and gives you a sense of confidence.

Will a Windowpane Suit You?

You won’t know until you don’t try!

Men are usually skeptical to explore different Suit options; which is why some say – “Ken, I will stick to the usual / or stick to the classic!” That’s not wrong too; it’s a personal choice after all, that’s why it’s called a Bespoke Suit.

I do, however, admire people who enjoy discovering new dressing styles and options for themselves as this encourages us to offer more selections of fabrics, designs and patterns to them. This keeps us constantly on our feet to stay updated and modern in the bespoke industry.

When the word ‘pattern’ is put forward, some men go through a fashion attack by just automatically switching off and not exploring further in to what could be their most transformational opportunity!

Some customers have also told me that they appear to look taller than usual; which is another key benefit. Whatever the benefits are; nothing outstands the feelings/emotions you get when you wear your own bespoke outfits.

All I can say is, a Windowpane suit is a versatile option indeed and I strongly encourage all men to give this look a shot!

Get Lucky!;)